Did you know that there are students in history, public history, art history and other related programs throughout Alabama colleges and universities that have an internship requirement to fill before they graduate and join the ranks of museum professionals? Did you also know that there are museums all over Alabama that are willing to host such a student?

Following conversations with both museum staff and higher education faculty, AMA has volunteered to help open those lines of communication. And this is how we can help:

Alabama Museums, if you let us know that you are willing to host an intern, we will put an asterisk (*) by your museum's name on the List of Museums page. If your museum is not listed or if there is not a GET INFO link next to your museum, you must complete the Site Listing Form and return it to us.

Higher Education Faculty, if you are looking for a cultural institution to place a student in, go to the List of Museums page and peruse the list for those with an asterisk (*). Contact that museum directly via the contact information on their GET INFO page and make arrangements.

AMA is so happy to help in this important process but we are only the messenger! Contact us at [email protected] to have your museum identified as a possible hosting institution. Mail your site listing form to PO Box 2866, Birmingham AL 35202-3802.

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